British Columbia Provincial profile

Canada’s westernmost province, British Columbia (BC) offers rugged nature, metropolitan cities, a clean environment, and a culturally diverse population, making it easy to recruit and retain top talent from across the globe. From “Hollywood North”, ocean views and mountain scenery, to a burgeoning technology center, BC is a remarkable province with hidden gems at every turn.

Located at the crossroads of Asia-Pacific and North America, British Columbia offers businesses a mix of expertise and language capabilities. World-class educational institutions, entrepreneurial networks, regional industry clusters, technology acceleration, and commercialization programs combine to support both established and emerging companies.

Industry insights

British Columbia boasts a globally-recognized technology hub. The region promotes connections between top-ranked universities, colleges and institutions, and hosts giants including Amazon, Sony, Electronic Arts, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, IBM, and Disney.

BC is home to Canada’s Digital Technology Supercluster, a collaborative effort of over 200 organizations, including some of Canada’s biggest names in healthcare, telecommunications, natural resources, computing, and transportation. As a collective, this supercluster applies data and uses technology in new ways, such as mixed reality, which can digitally transform companies, solve industry problems, and advance economic opportunities throughout BC, Canada, and the world.

Rich in renewable energy resources, the province is well positioned for clean technology research, development and deployment. Many BC companies are recognized nationally and globally for their leadership in areas of clean and renewable energy, including hydrogen and fuel cells, clean transportation, energy management/energy efficiency, renewable energy, and water and waste resource management.

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