Registered Agent Services

Registered Agent Services

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Canada Registered Agent services for domestic corporations, extra-provincial corporations and foreign corporations in Canada. A registered agent acts as a registered address for corporations in the province or provinces of incorporation or extraprovincial registration. The registered agent provides a registered address for the receipt of service of government filings and acts as a local contact for government agencies. The registered agent forwards any such documents and correspondence to the corporation.

Certain provinces require that a corporation incorporated in their territory have a registered agent and all domestic and foreign corporations that wish to operate in a province other than their province of incorporation must have a registered agent in each of the provinces or territories where they wish to operate.

Corporations often use a professional registered agent to maintain crucial documents sent from government departments or other agencies separate from other corporate correspondence. Ecompanies Canada provides registered agent services in all Canadian provinces and territories.

Ecompanies Canada offers Registered Agent service for companies anywhere in Canada, for only $1200 x year.

When you use our Canada registered agent services:

  • We become registered and records offices of your corporation
  • We send notice to the addresses you provided to us as your contact information if the registered office is served with court action, or any other provincial or federal government requirements.
  • We date stamp all notices which are delivered to the registered office.

When you use our Canada Registered Agent Services, ECompanies Canada act as a registered address of your corporation in Canada, and provides your new corporation, foreign corporation or extra-provincial corporation with a registered address for the receipt of service of government filings (and in certain cases legal papers) and acts as a local contact for government agencies.

$1200/ Year


If you are incorporating a company and you are a resident of the Province of incorporation, you can act as your company’s Registered Agent and a third-party is not required.

Registered Agent Service is NOT a virtual office and DOES NOT include telephone, fax, secretarial or any other service. The registered agent service is intended only to be used to satisfy the legal requirement of having a Registered Agent within the jurisdiction of incorporation or extraprovincial registration.

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