Canada Limited Partnership Registration for Non-Canadian Residents

Canada Limited Partnership Registration for Non-Canadian Residents

Ecompanies Canada offers fast and easy limited Partnership registration service in Ontario, Canada for non-Canadian residents. A Limited Partnership is a simple form of business in Canada, which creates a Canadian company. This form of business registration is extremely popular among foreign investors and global entrepreneurs because limited partnerships do not generate filing and tax obligations in Canada for partners, who are not residents of Canada.

The Canadian Limited Partnership (‘LP’) is increasingly used as a vehicle for the conduct of international transactions and the holding of investments.

Formation of a Limited Partnership in Canada

Limited Partnerships are formed in Canada by filing a Limited Partnership Declaration form with the corporate registry office of the desire jurisdiction of registration.

Advantages of Limited Partnerships in Canada

  • A highly prestigious Canadian company
  • No restrictions on the residency of partners
  • Availability of one-man limited partnership, when one person is a sole general and limited partner
  • There is no minimum authorized capital. Partners can make any contribution to the limited partnership
  • No withholding tax on profit received by partners outside of Canada
  • No requirements to file corporate tax returns
  • No corporate income tax.


Canadian Limited Partnerships are not considered taxable entities. Therefore, limited partnerships in Canada are not required to file corporate tax returns and pay income taxes.

All profit received by Canadian Limited Partnerships passes through the company to its partners. Partners, who are not Canadian residents do not have tax liabilities in Canada. If a partner is a Canadian resident, he is required to include his part of profit received through his Limited Partnership into his personal tax return and pay personal income tax.

There is no withholding tax on the profit passed to partners, who are non-Canadian residents.

There are no audit requirements for Limited Partnerships.

Canada Limited Partnership Registration Service

Ecompanies Canada offers fast & easy Canada online limited partnership registration service in Ontario Canada. At Ecompanies Canada we help you step-by-step and take care of the entire business registration process from start to finish. Registering a new limited partnership in Canada with us is fast, easy and takes just minutes.

Our Canada Limited Partnership Registration service includes:

  • Name Search Report confirming the availability and uniqueness of the name.
  • Government Registration Fees.
  • Registered Office Address for 1 Year
  • Declaration Form 3 confirming registration of the Limited Partnership.
  • Organizational Resolutions of the General Partners.
  • Resolution Admitting of Limited Partner.
  • Partnership Agreement.
  • Register of General Partners.
  • Register of Limited Partners.
  • Courier Delivery.

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