Extra Provincial Registration Service

Extra-Provincial Registration Service

Canada Online Extra-Provincial Registration Service for only $199 plus government fees. Extra-provincial registration is a process in Canada that both Canadian corporations and foreign corporations have to go through when they seek to do business in Canada or in various provinces or territories throughout Canada.

Please select the jurisdiction where you want to register your extra-provincial corporation:

Every Canadian corporation wishing to conduct business or operate in a province or provinces different than its jurisdiction of incorporation must register extra-provincially in each of the provinces or territories where it intends to carries on business.

An extra-provincial corporation carries on business in a province if

(a) its name, or any name under which it carries on business, is listed in a telephone directory for any part of the province;
(b) its name, or any name under which it carries on business, appears or is announced in any advertisement in which an address in the province is given for the extraprovincial corporation;
(c) it has a resident agent or representative or a warehouse, office or place of business in the province;
(d) it solicits business in the province;
(e) it is licensed or registered or required to be licensed or registered under any Act of the Legislature entitling it to do business; or
(f) it otherwise carries on business in the province.

Ecompanies Canada offers fast & easy Canada Extra provincial Registration Services to domestic and foreign corporations anywhere in Canada. At Ecompanies Canada we help you step-by-step and take care of the entire extra-provincial registration process from start to finish. Registering an Extra-Provincial Corporation in Canada with us is fast, easy and takes just minutes.

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