Corporate Filings

Corporate Filings

To make sure that your Canadian corporation continues to benefit from incorporation under provincial and federal business corporations act, you need to fulfill certain requirements with the Corporate Registry Office of your jurisdiction of incorporation. Depending on the type of requirement, you need to file annually or when circumstances change.

Your corporation may be dissolved if it fails to file its annual returns or to keep its corporate records up-to-date. Federal and Provincial Corporate Registries Office have an obligation to make sure that corporate information is up to date. If your corporation is not filing its annual returns or keeping its corporate records they will assume that your company is not operating and they will take steps to dissolve it (that is legally end its existence). Dissolution can have serious repercussions, including not having the legal capacity to conduct business.

Ecompanies Canada offers fast & easy Canada corporate filings and updates services anywhere in Canada. At e-Companies.ca we help you Keep your Canadian Corporation Up-to-date and in compliance with federal and provincial business corporations act.

We offer the following Canada Corporate Filings & Updates Services

Canada Annual Return Filings for Domestic Corporations
Canada Annual Return Filings for Extra-Provincial Corporations
Canada Notice of Change of Registered Address
Canada Notice of Change of Directors
Canada Articles of Amendment
Canada Articles of Articles of Amalgamation
Canada Restated Articles of Incorporation
Canada Articles of Continuance
Application for Authorization to Continue in Another Jurisdiction
Articles of Arrangement
Articles of Reorganization
Articles of Dissolution
Articles of Revival

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