Canada Key Industries: Biopharmaceuticals

Canada Key Industries: Biopharmaceuticals

Canada offers a dynamic and innovative environment for pharmaceutical companies, with first-rate academic institutions, wide-reaching and innovative research networks, a highly-skilled workforce and numerous partnership opportunities. The world’s ten largest pharmaceutical companies are present in Canada, most with R&D and manufacturing operations.

  • Canada’s pharmaceutical and biotechnology sector spans the industry’s spectrum, operating at all levels of the value chain, from basic R&D and innovation to product development and contract services.
  • Among the G7 countries, Canada offers the least expensive R&D services for clinical trial administration and for biomedical research. Further, Canada ranks first in the G7 in terms of business costs for the establishment and operation of manufacturing facilities for both medical devices and pharmaceuticals.
  • The Canadian pharmaceutical sector also has a growing presence in international markets; between 2001 and 2015, the value of its exports and imports increased by 345 and 140 percent, respectively. More than half of Canadian production, worth approximately $9.8 billion, is exported, primarily to the United States.

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