Canada Key Industries: Chemicals and Plastics

Canada Key Industries: Chemicals and Plastics

Canada’s growing chemicals and plastics sector are supported by secure access, low priced raw material and infrastructure. Chemicals and plastic production is among the world’s top for manufacturing; in Canada it is valued at more than $73 billion footnotes 1 with exports totaling near $40 billion in 2013. It is poised for continued growth – Canada’s chemical sector alone is forecast to increase by 27% by 2020.

  • With some of the world’s largest supplies of, and lowest costs for, feedstock and electricity, as well as quality skilled labour, world-class research institutions, and easy access to nearby markets, global companies choose Canada for chemicals and plastics.
  • Canada has a strong, growing domestic market, but chemicals and plastics producers are also located within hours trucking distance of more than 190 million consumers – over 55% of North America’s population-based market.
  • Canada’s transportation infrastructure and border system are among the world’s best, facilitating movement of products and raw materials, therefore, reducing delays in getting a product to market.

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