Canada Key Industries: Digital Media

Canada Key Industries: Digital Media

Canada is home to a thriving digital media industry, recognized as a world leader in video game development, animation, and visual effects. The breadth of Canada’s expertise in the digital media sector also encompasses areas such as web design, social networking, education, healthcare, and advertising. According to the Canada Media Fund, digital media is a $22 billion industry in Canada that supports more than 120,000 creative jobs, making Canada one of the foremost investment destinations for global digital media companies.

  • According to KPMG’s Competitive Alternatives report (2016), Canada offers the lowest business costs in the G7 for digital entertainment. Studios located in Canada greatly benefit from the most competitive tax environment among G7 countries. Canada’s cost advantage stems in part from the financial incentives available to qualifying digital media firms.
  • Canada’s digital-games industry is the third-largest in the world, both in terms of the size and quality of its talent pool and of its technical resources.
  • Canada’s animation and digital-effects industry is an important part of the country’s digital economy and is world-renowned for its innovation and creativity.

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