Canada Passive Nominee Director Services

Canada Passive Nominee Director Services

Canada Nominee Passive Director Services in Canada. When you’re setting up a new business or a subsidiary in Canada (Alberta, Ontario, Saskatchewan, Newfoundland and Labrador, Manitoba and Federal Corporations, Government regulations require you to appoint a Canadian resident director. This can be challenging when you’re a foreign company or investor with a few local business contacts in Canada.

If your company have difficulties finding a Passive nominee director, Ecompanies Canada offers professional, passive nominee director services in Canada. Using Ecompanies Canada as your passive nominee director increases:

  • the probability of timely corporate bank account approval
  • employee visa approvals
  • specific Government licenses;

Ecompanies Canada, passive resident director appointee will neither be a corporate bank account signatory nor play an active role in our Client’s business. Ecompanies Canada officers will merely be the resident director of the company in order to fulfill the local statutory requirements.

Our Client will solely be responsible for daily business activities and for corporate bank account activity. Ecompanies Canada rarely signs business
contracts on behalf of our Client’s company;

Ecompanies Canada and our Client will sign a legal contract outlining terms and conditions and limitations of the resident director appointment;

For a high-risk business, Ecompanies Canada annual professional passive nominee resident director and shareholder fees may be higher. For example, Bitcoin / Crypto-currency business or retail forex brokerage business etc. Before we sign an engagement letter, the exact annual fee will be agreed between our Client and Ecompanies Canada.

How we help you

At Ecompanies Canada, we act as Resident Director for numerous Australian subsidiaries with head offices in countries such as the UK, UAE, USA, and China. We can help you, too, by performing the following essential duties:

  • Setting up your company in Canada.
  • Managing your annual compliance obligations.
  • Becoming one of your directors in Canada for registration purposes.

Before any of our directors can be appointed, we need to have a thorough and comprehensive understanding of the company and its business, as well as the reason that our services are required, whether this is confidentiality, tax or business operations.

Canada Passive Nominee Director Service Fees


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