Nova Scotia Provincial Profile

No matter where you are in Nova Scotia, you’re never far from the ocean. With the commercial heart of Halifax on the water, there is no shortage of beautiful beaches and scenic coastal villages. With over 20 universities and college campuses, encompassing world-class research and technology talent, global companies are inventing, developing and producing industry-leading products. Ocean proximity has led this province to take an active role in the ocean economy – a key source of economic growth in food, energy, minerals, health, leisure, and transport.

Nova Scotia Industry insights

  • Nova Scotia’s ocean technology sector is growing at a rapid rate. Home to the largest centre for ocean research, you will find one of the highest concentrations of ocean-related PhDs in the world. Nova Scotia’s ocean technology academic institutions, such as Dalhousie’s Faculty of Physical Oceanography, the Bedford Institute of Oceanography, and the Defence Research and Development Canada Atlantic Laboratory, are supported by a large network of small and medium-sized companies that develop internationally renowned technology.
  • Nova Scotia is a tidal energy leader and has a strong cleantech sector due to the Bay of Fundy, which moves over 100 billion tonnes of water each tide – more than all freshwater rivers and streams in the world combined.
  • Nova Scotia’s strong gaming community and digital media tax credits are attracting global gaming companies to the region. From Ubisoft, HB Studios and Orpheus interactive, this province boasts a strong cluster of international players and creative talent.

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