Nunavut Provincial Profile

Nunavut Provincial Profile

Nunavut is big, beautiful and unspoiled. From ocean vistas, rocky coastline, and snowy expanses to growing and diverse communities, Nunavut has something to offer everyone. Canada’s youngest province – created in 1999 – is eager to make its mark on the world stage. With a quickly growing population, a diverse and young workforce, and industries with untapped potential, Nunavut’s economy is thriving.

Nunavut Industry insights

  • Nunavut is surrounded by ocean, and its strategic location makes it the gateway to the Eastern Arctic which provides access to some of the best fishing grounds in Canada. Established fisheries include turbot, shrimp and char, but opportunities abound for commercial fishing, as much of the fishing stock is largely unexplored.
  • The development of mineral and petroleum resources in Nunavut has significant potential for continued exploration and growth. Gold, diamonds, lead, uranium, and tungsten are among the many resources that have untapped potential in the province.
  • Alternative energy production in Nunavut is becoming an important component of the economy, as the province seeks to become a leader in environmental stewardship. Efforts are focused on ocean resources, as the total mean potential tidal current energy of Nunavut is estimated to be the highest in Canada. There is also potential for the development of wind resources, residual heat resources, waste material resources, biofuel resources, and others.

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