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Ontario general partnership registration. A general partnership is a group of persons, called “partners,” who, in a spirit of cooperation, agree to carry on a common activity. The partners of a general partnership operate an enterprise, contribute to it by sharing property, knowledge or activities and share any resulting pecuniary profits or losses.

Such a partnership is created through a partnership agreement and must be designated by a single name for all the partners, who are solidarily liable for the enterprise’s obligations and certain of its debts, independently of the respective shares of each partner in the partnership.

Members of every partnership carrying on business in Ontario for trading, manufacturing or mining purposes must register the partnership name. One of the primary reasons for registration of a Partnership is so the public can identify and locate the individuals involved in the business. A partner can be one of the following: an individual, corporation or other corporate entity such as a society, cooperative, etc.

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Ontario General Partnership Registration Fees

Ontario Gov Fees: $60
Ontario NUANS Report:$0
eCompanies Canada Service Fee: $39.99
Tax (GST): $1.99
Total Fees: $101.98

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