Saskatchewan Annual Return Online Filing

Saskatchewan Annual Return Online Filing

File Now Your Saskatchewan Annual Return

Saskatchewan Annual Return Online Filing Service. Every Saskatchewan corporation subject to the Saskatchewan Business Corporations Act must file an annual return with the Saskatchewan Corporate Registry Office every year.

You have to file an annual return if your corporation’s legal status with the Saskatchewan Corporate Registry Office is “active” (that is not dissolved, discontinued or amalgamated with another corporation).

This is not your income tax return. This is a corporate law requirement. It is completely separate from any filing obligations you may have with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

The deadline for filing an annual return is within the 60 days following a corporation’s anniversary date. The anniversary date is the date your corporation incorporated, amalgamated or continued under the Saskatchewan Business Corporation Act. You do not file for the year the corporation was incorporated, amalgamated or continued.

Your corporation may be dissolved if it fails to file its annual returns. The Saskatchewan Corporate Registry Office has an obligation to make sure that corporate information is up to date. If your corporation is not filing its annual returns, they will assume that it is not operating and they will take steps to dissolve it (that legally ends its existence). Dissolution can have serious repercussions, including not having the legal capacity to conduct business.