Saskatchewan Annual Return Online Filing

Saskatchewan Annual Return Online Filing

File Now Your Saskatchewan Annual Return

Introducing the Saskatchewan Annual Return Online Filing Service, an essential commitment for every corporation governed by the Saskatchewan Business Corporations Act. Annually, each Saskatchewan corporation is obliged to submit its annual return to the Saskatchewan Corporate Registry Office.

Filing is mandatory for corporations maintaining an “active” legal status with the Saskatchewan Corporate Registry Office, ensuring they are neither dissolved, discontinued, nor amalgamated with another entity. This annual filing is distinct from your income tax return, representing a corporate law requirement entirely separate from any obligations with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

To ensure timely compliance, submit your annual return within 60 days following your corporation’s anniversary date. This crucial date corresponds to the incorporation, amalgamation, or continuation under the Saskatchewan Business Corporation Act, with the filing exempted for the year of such events.

Failure to file annual returns may lead to the dissolution of your corporation. The Saskatchewan Corporate Registry Office is committed to maintaining current corporate information, and if annual returns are not submitted, they may assume non-operation, initiating dissolution proceedings that legally terminate the corporation’s existence. Dissolution carries substantial repercussions, impeding the corporation’s legal capacity to conduct business.

For a comprehensive service fee of $173.22, our Saskatchewan Annual Return package covers all government fees, service charges, meticulous preparation of corporate annual minutes, and applicable taxes. Safeguard the continued existence and legal standing of your corporation by promptly fulfilling this pivotal obligation.

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