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Starting a New Business in British Columbia? What’s the Right Business Format for You?

When starting a new business in British Columbia, it’s essential to select the business structure that best supports your goals. Business structures are chosen for the most part to comply with tax law, which treats each type of structure differently. There are three types of legal structures for a business: Sole proprietorship, partnership (which is […]

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Administrative requirements of British Columbia Corporations

Your British Columbia corporation must file certain documents with the British Columbia Corporate Registries Office, including: articles of incorporation annual returns notices of any changes in the board of directors notices of any changes in the address of the registered office articles of amendment if changes to the structure of the corporation are made. Your […]

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How to Register a Business Name in British Columbia

When to register a business name in British Columbia You must register a business name in British Columbia if: it’s different than the registrant’s own full name if the registrant is an individual your business is a corporation operating under a name other than its corporate name your business is a partnership carrying on business […]

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Investing in British Columbia

Businesses in British Columbia, Canada enjoy freedom from significant government involvement. Restrictions on investors, including those on the repatriation of capital, are limited. British Columbia has also significantly reduced the regulatory burden on foreign investment. Establish A New Business Foreign investors starting a new business, regardless of size, must file a short notice with the […]

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Locate in British Columbia

Launch your growth with a North American head office in British Columbia If you’re ready to establish a North American head office, make a strategic decision by choosing British Columbia, Canada as your gateway to success. A Strong Business Case Choosing where to locate your North American head office is a significant decision. There’s a […]

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