British Columbia incorporation annual return

British Columbia incorporation annual return. Keep your British Columbia corporation active and in good standing by filing your annual return. The British Columbia Annual Return is not your tax return. This is your corporate Annual Return which provides up-to-date information about your British Columbia corporation. This information is then made available to the public through the British Columbia corporate registries website.

Investors, consumers, financial institutions and many others rely on this information. You are required to file your Annual Return every year. If you do not file the annual return, your British Columbia corporation may be dissolved.

The anniversary date of your Annual Return is the date your British Columbia corporation was created or the date your corporation first came under the jurisdiction of the British Columbia Business Corporation Act.

Step 1. Gather shareholder information
You will need to collect the following information for your top 5 shareholders:

  • names
  • addresses
  • percentages of issued voting shares

Step 2. Fill out the form
The second step is the completion of your annual return.

Step 3. Filling of your annual return information with the British Columbia registries office.
The third step in the processing of your British Columbia annual return is the filing of your Annual return information with the British Columbia registries office.

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