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Common Use of British Columbia Incorporation

Canada’s westernmost province, British Columbia (BC) offers rugged nature, metropolitan cities, a clean environment, and a culturally diverse population, making it easy to recruit and retain top talent from across the globe. From “Hollywood North”, ocean views and mountain scenery, to a burgeoning technology center, BC is a remarkable province with hidden gems at every […]

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Advantage of British Columbia Incorporation

British Columbia, Canada is an attractive location to start a business or expand existing operations. A stable, welcoming government has streamlined regulations and developed a competitive tax regime. Combined with a dependable legal system and top-ranked quality of life, British Columbia is an optimal location for business opportunities in North America and around the world. […]

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British Columbia Incorporation Forms

British Columbia Incorporation Forms. Incorporating provincially in British Columbia, Canada. The act of incorporating in British Columbia creates a new legal entity called a corporation, commonly referred to as a “company.” A British Columbia corporation has the same rights and obligations under Canadian and Provincial laws as a natural person. Ecompanies offers fast & easy […]

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How to Register a New Corporation in British Columbia

A British Columbia corporation is a statutory creature, created and regulated by provincial law (British Columbia Business Corporation Act). In short, if you want the “privilege”—that’s what the courts call it—of turning your business enterprise into a corporation, you must follow the requirements of the British Columbia Business Corporation Act. What sets the corporation apart, […]

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