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Canadian Taxation of Non-Resident Trusts

A taxpayer’s residency will govern the extent of Canada’s jurisdiction to tax. Accordingly, as with non-resident individuals, a non-resident trust is not taxable in Canada unless it derives Canadian source income. However, in certain circumstances, a non-resident trust can become subject to Canadian tax on its worldwide income, if it is deemed to be resident […]

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Canadian tax on capital gains derived from the disposition of taxable Canadian property

Non-residents are liable for Canadian tax on capital gains derived from the disposition of “taxable Canadian property”. “Taxable Canadian property” is defined to include, among other items, real property and resource property in Canada, assets used in carrying on a business in Canada, and shares in the capital stock of certain corporations. Any disposition of […]

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Employment Income for non-Canadian residents

non-resident individuals are taxable in Canada if they are employed in Canada and their taxable income is attributable to the duties of the office or employment performed by them in Canada. Whether an individual is deemed employed in Canada depends on the location where employment services are physically performed. If a non-resident renders services to […]

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Filing and Reporting Requirements

Canadian residents are required to file an annual Canadian income tax return with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and to report their worldwide income. Canadian residents are also required to file information returns with respect to certain foreign property interests, as well as certain transactions with non-arm’s length non-residents or transactions with foreign trusts. Corporations […]

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Canada Income Tax Rates

Federal taxes on personal income are marginal, increasing with the amount of income. The federal marginal tax rates for individuals are: 15 percent on the first C$46,605 of taxable income; 20.5 percent on the next C$46,603 of taxable income; 26 percent on the next C$51,280 of taxable income; 29 percent on the next C$61,352 of […]

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Canada Tax Residency for Tax Purposes

Ascertaining an individual’s residency for Canadian income tax purposes generally involves a determination of whether the individual was “ordinarily resident” in Canada or has otherwise established significant residential ties to Canada. The ITA also deems certain persons to be resident in Canada. An individual who is physically present in Canada for a total of 183 […]

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Taxation for Canadian Corporations

Canada’s tax laws are based on residency and source. In Canada, income earned by Canadian residents and income earned by non-residents sourced in Canada are subject to Canadian income tax. Under Part I of the federal Income Tax Act ( ITA), Canadian residents are taxed on their worldwide income. In contrast, non-residents are taxed on […]

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