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Quebec incorporation annual return

Quebec incorporation annual return. Keep your Quebec corporation active and in good standing by filing your annual return. The Quebec Annual Return is not your tax return. This is your corporate Annual Return which provides up-to-date information about your Quebec corporation. This information is then made available to the public through the Quebec corporate registries website. […]

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Quebec Incorporation Forms

Quebec Incorporation Forms. Incorporating provincially in Quebec, Canada. The act of incorporating in Quebec creates a new legal entity called a corporation, commonly referred to as a “company.” A Quebec corporation has the same rights and obligations under Canadian and Provincial laws as a natural person. Ecompanies offers fast & easy Quebec online incorporation service. […]

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Maintaining Your Quebec Corporate Records

Maintaining your Quebec corporate records. Your Quebec corporation must keep certain corporate records at its registered office (or at some other location in Canada, as set out by the directors). On request, a corporation’s shareholders and creditors can access the following records: articles of amendment, including amended articles of incorporation or restated articles of incorporation […]

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How to Register a Corporation in Quebec

A Quebec corporation is a statutory creature, created and regulated by provincial law (Quebec Business Corporation Act). In short, if you want the “privilege”—that’s what the courts call it—of turning your business enterprise into a corporation, you must follow the requirements of the Quebec Business Corporation Act. What sets the corporation apart, in a theoretical […]

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