Why Ontario Canada Is Your Next Destination for Business Success

Ontario, Canada has become the destination of choice for many successful companies because it has proven to be an ideal location to invest, grow and flourish. Companies do business here because the combination of talent, cost-efficiencies and an environment of innovation propel significant growth and creates remarkable results. We make it easy to do business here. Canada ranks first among G7 and OECD countries for the lowest number of procedures required to establish a new business. in addition, Ontario’s legal framework offers many other advantages that help make us one of the world’s most dynamic and profitable business centres.

Why Ontario is your next destination for business success:

  • Competitive business costs. Ontario’s combined general federal-provincial corporate income tax rate of 26.5% is lower than the average of G8 and G20 countries and lower than the average federal-state CIT rate in the united states.
  • Our R&D tax incentive program is one of the most generous in the world. When tax credits are factored in, the after-tax cost of $100 in r&D can be reduced to an after-tax cost of about $56, or $38 for small businesses.
  • A smart, educated and skilled workforce. in business, the right people drive success. You’ll find the talent you need in Ontario, home to a vast and diverse pool of highly skilled, educated and reliable workers. Approximately 62% of our population has at least one post-secondary degree or certificate, more than double the average of OECD nations.
  • Ontario’s access to markets. Companies that do business here have access to a $17 trillion marketplace under the North American Free trade Agreement, with 139 million consumers within a day’s drive of southern Ontario. in 2011, 77% of Ontario’s merchandise exports went to the united states. Ontario continues to build on trade ties with emerging markets such as Brazil, India, and China as well as to work with the Canadian government to negotiate a Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CEtA) with the European Union.
  • A stable, growing and diversified economy. it’s easier for businesses to succeed when they’re operating in an economy that’s stable, growing and diversified. that’s exactly what you’ll find in Ontario: a healthy business environment that offers what you and your company need to prosper.
  • More than just a great place for business success. Ontario is a wonderful place to live, with Ottawa and Toronto ranked in the top five in North America in Mercer llC’s 2010 Quality of living survey. With a low cost of living compared to other world financial centres, Ontario is the cost-effective choice among those establishing a business and a home in North America.

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