Starting Your Business in Nova Scotia Checklist

Starting a new business in Nova Scotia. Here are some of the most important tasks to be undertaken

1. Evaluate Your Idea Is your idea feasible? Can you make money from this venture?
2. Market Research Test the viability of your idea by researching the market, industry, and competition.
3. Develop A Business Strategy This is an essential step and critical for the planning and success of your business.
4. Financing How will you finance your business? Banks and other lenders or investors will often require a written business plan.
5. Business Structure Consider And Select The Most Appropriate Business Structure To Operate Your Business: Sole Proprietorship, Partnership Or Corporation*
6. Business Name Submit Your Business Name Request (Nr) For Approval.
7. Register Business Register The Business With Your Chosen Structure Using Your Name Approval.
8. Bank Account Open A Business Bank Account. Visit Your Local Financial Institution With A Copy Of Your Business Registration Certificate.
9. Website Consider Reserving The Domain Name Of Your Company To Establish Your Website. Use A Search Engine To Find A Domain Registrar To Secure A
Domain Name For Your Website.
10. Payroll, Trade, And Taxes Open Accounts Under Your Business Number (Bn) As Required (E.G. Gst/Pst, Payroll, Import/Export). Gst Accounts Are Required If Gross Annual Revenue Is Greater Than $30,000. Pst Has No Threshold For Most Businesses.
11. Business Licence Contact Your Municipality For A Business License.
12. Laws & Regulations Determine Whether Any Industry-specific Licenses And/Or Regulations That May Apply To Your Business.
13. Insurance Ensure Your Business Is Protected.
Hiring Employees? Tasks To Be Undertaken Resources
14. Employment Standards Act Ensure You’re Aware Of Your Requirements As An Employer Under The Employment Standards Act.
15. Payroll Deductions Open A Payroll Deductions Account Under Your Existing Business Number (Bn) Or Obtain A Bn If You Don’t Already Have One.
16. Workers Compensation Register For Workers Compensation Coverage For Your Employees And Yourself.

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