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Starting a Business in Northwest Territories: Choose a business structure

Now that you have decided to start your own business in Northwest Territories, you will have to determine what business structure or form of organization suits your needs. The structure of your business will depend on whether you want to run your business yourself or with a partner or associates. There are four main types […]

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Northwest Territories Incorporation FAQ: Should I Incorporate?

A corporation in Northwest Territories is a legal “person,” which can be created under provincial business corporation act. As a person, a corporation has certain rights and obligations such as the right to do business and the obligation to pay taxes. Sometimes one hears of a law referring to “natural persons.”That is to differentiate them […]

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How to Register a Business Name in Northwest Territories

When to register a business name in Northwest Territories You must register a business name in Northwest Territories if: it’s different than the registrant’s own full name if the registrant is an individual your business is a corporation operating under a name other than its corporate name your business is a partnership carrying on business […]

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