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Starting a New Business in Quebec? What’s the Right Business Format for You?

When starting a new business in Quebec, it’s essential to select the business structure that best supports your goals. Business structures are chosen for the most part to comply with tax law, which treats each type of structure differently. There are three types of legal structures for a business: Sole proprietorship, partnership (which is a […]

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Quebec Incorporation Forms

Quebec Incorporation Forms. Incorporating provincially in Quebec, Canada. The act of incorporating in Quebec creates a new legal entity called a corporation, commonly referred to as a “company.” A Quebec corporation has the same rights and obligations under Canadian and Provincial laws as a natural person. Ecompanies offers fast & easy Quebec online incorporation service. […]

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How to Register a Corporation in Quebec

A Quebec corporation is a statutory creature, created and regulated by provincial law (Quebec Business Corporation Act). In short, if you want the “privilege”—that’s what the courts call it—of turning your business enterprise into a corporation, you must follow the requirements of the Quebec Business Corporation Act. What sets the corporation apart, in a theoretical […]

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