Corporate Ownership Restrictions in Canada

Federal and provincial governments impose corporate ownership restrictions in certain strategic or sensitive industries, including:

Financial Institutions:

Generally, without ministerial approval, a foreign bank cannot own more than 10 percent of any class of shares in any Canadian bank, including a Canadian bank subsidiary. There are various exceptions to this general rule.


In an effort to promote the ownership or control of broadcasting entities by Canadians, Parliament has enacted a general rule that broadcasting licenses may not be issued to non-Canadians or to companies that are effectively controlled, directly or indirectly, by non-Canadians.


In an effort to promote the ownership and control of telecommunications common carriers by Canadians, Parliament has enacted a general rule limiting eligibility to operate a telecommunications common carrier in Canada to carriers that are Canadian-owned and controlled corporation, incorporated or continued under the laws of Canada or a province.

Air Transportation:

Generally, a license to operate a domestic airline service will only be issued to a corporation if the corporation is controlled in fact by Canadians and if at least 51 percent of the voting interests in the corporation are owned and controlled by Canadians. Licenses for international airline service may be issued to a non-Canadian if the non-Canadian applicant satisfies certain eligibility requirements.

Canada Company Registration for Non-Canadian Residents and Foreign Companies

Canada Incorporation for Non-Canadian Residents. Throughout Canada, corporations are the most widely used legal vehicle for operating a business. A corporation has the same rights and obligations under Canadian law as a natural person. Among other things, this means it can acquire assets, go into debt, enter into contracts, sue or be sued, and even be found guilty of committing a crime.

Benefits of Doing Business in Canada

  • An abundance of seed capital
  • Access to a variety of government grants and tax credits
  • Access to great technical talent
  • A low cost of living
  • A favorable exchange rate
  • An abundance of entrepreneurial talent

To incorporate a new company in Canada., one or more persons(called “the incorporators”) may form a company by filing articles of incorporation, notice of address and notice of directors with the Corporate Registry Office of the desired jurisdiction of registration.

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