Registered Office, Records and Seal of Alberta Corporations

Registered office, records office, address for service by mail

(1) A corporation shall at all times have a registered office within Alberta.
(2) A notice of

(a) the registered office,
(b) a separate records office, if any, and
(c) the post office box designated as the address for service by mail, if any, must be sent to the Registrar in the prescribed form together with the articles of incorporation.

Subject to subsection (4), the directors of the corporation may at any time

(a) change the address of the registered office within Alberta,
(b) designate, or revoke or change a designation of, a records office within Alberta, or
(c) designate, or revoke or change a designation of, a post office box within Alberta as the address for service by mail of the corporation.

A post office box designated as the corporation’s address for service by mail shall not be designated as the corporation’s records office or registered office.

A corporation shall send to the Registrar, within 15 days after any change under subsection (3) or (4), a notice of that change in the prescribed form, and the Registrar shall file it.

The corporation shall ensure that its registered office and its records office are

(a) accessible to the public during normal business hours, and (b) readily identifiable from the address or other description given in the notice referred to in subsection (2).

Unless the directors designate a separate records office, the registered office of a corporation is also its records office.

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