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Keeping Corporate records for Alberta Corporations

A corporation shall prepare and maintain at its records office records containing (a) the articles and the bylaws, all amendments to the articles and bylaws, a copy of any unanimous shareholder agreement and any amendment to a unanimous shareholder agreement, (b) minutes of meetings and resolutions of shareholders, (c) copies of all notices required by […]

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Authority of directors, officers and agents in Alberta Corporations

A corporation, a guarantor of an obligation of the corporation or a person claiming through the corporation may not assert against a person dealing with the corporation or dealing with any person who has acquired rights from the corporation (a) that the articles, bylaws or any unanimous shareholder agreement have not been complied with, (b) […]

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Capacity of an Alberta corporation

An Alberta corporation has the capacity and, subject to this Act, the rights, powers, and privileges of a natural person. An Alberta corporation has the capacity to carry on its business, conduct its affairs and exercise its powers in any jurisdiction outside Alberta to the extent that the laws of that jurisdiction permit. 1981 cB-1 […]

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Direction to change the corporate name of an Alberta Corporation

If, through inadvertence or otherwise, a corporation comes into existence with or acquires a name that contravenes section 10 or 12, the Registrar may, by notice in writing, giving the Registrar’s reasons, direct the corporation to change its name to one that the Registrar approves within 60 days after the date of the notice. The […]

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Alberta Corporate names

An Alberta corporation name consists of 3 elements: distinctive descriptive legal ‘ABC Building Supplies Ltd.’ is an example of a corporation name that contains all 3 elements. Distinctive element A distinctive element is a unique word or location that makes your corporation name different from others. In the example above, ‘ABC’ is the distinctive element. […]

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Effect of Alberta certificate of incorporation

A corporation comes into existence on the date shown in the certificate of incorporation. A certificate of incorporation is conclusive proof for the purposes of this Act and for all other purposes (a) that the provisions of this Act in respect of incorporation and all requirements precedent and incidental to incorporation have been complied with, […]

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Alberta Certificate of incorporation

About Alberta Certificates of incorporation. On receipt of the incorporation documents and evidence required under section 7 of the Alberta Business Corporation Act and the prescribed fees, the Alberta Registries office shall issue a certificate of incorporation in accordance with section 267 (1) of the Alberta Business Corporation Act. (1) Section 267 of the Alberta […]

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Incorporation of an Alberta Corporation

One or more persons may incorporate a corporation by signing articles of incorporation and complying with section 7 of the Alberta Business Corporation Act. Alberta Articles of incorporation Subject to section 15.3 of the Alberta Business Corporation Act, articles of incorporation shall be in the prescribed form and shall set out, in respect of the […]

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