Alberta Certificate of incorporation

About Alberta Certificates of incorporation. On receipt of the incorporation documents and evidence required under section 7 of the Alberta Business Corporation Act and the prescribed fees, the Alberta Registries office shall issue a certificate of incorporation in accordance with section 267 (1) of the Alberta Business Corporation Act.

(1) Section 267 of the Alberta Business Corporation Act. Issuing of certificates by Registrar 267(1) In this section, “statement” means a statement of intent to dissolve and a statement of revocation of intent to dissolve referred to in section 212.

(2) When this Act requires articles or a statement relating to a corporation to be sent to the Registrar, then, unless otherwise specifically provided,

(a) the articles or statement shall be signed by a director or an officer of the corporation or, in the case of articles of incorporation, by an incorporator, and
(b) on receiving articles or a statement that conforms to law, together with any other required documents and the prescribed fees, the Registrar shall
(i) endorse on the articles or statement the word “Filed” and the date of the filing,
(ii) issue the appropriate certificate and attach the articles or statement to the certificate,
(iii) enter the information from the certificate and attached articles or statement in the Registrar’s records, and
(iv) send to the corporation or it’s representative the certificate and attached articles or statement.

(3) A certificate referred to in subsection (2) issued by the Registrar may be dated as of the day the Registrar receives the articles, statement or Court order pursuant to which the certificate is issued or as of any later day specified by the Court or person who signed the articles or statement.

(4) A signature required on a certificate referred to in subsection (2) or section 268 may be printed or otherwise mechanically reproduced on the certificate.

(5) Notwithstanding subsection (3), a certificate of discontinuance may be dated as of the day a corporation is continued under the laws of another jurisdiction.

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